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Wealth Management

The Dr. Jens Ehrhardt Group is independent. Free from the requirements of a corporate organisation, we offer our clients objective expert advice and develop an investment strategy that suits their individual preferences, needs and risk tolerance – and we have been doing so since 1974.

The cornerstone of our wealth management service is a value-oriented investment approach that at the same time focuses on absolute returns. In addition, we base our work on the principles of behavioural finance.

The combination of these factors has resulted in above-average returns for our client portfolio over many years. As a service, wealth management entails different requirements depending on the size of the investment. We therefore offer you from an investment sum of:

  •  CHF 250,000 (or the equivalent in another currency) wealth management mandates involving investment funds.
  •  CHF 750,000 (or the equivalent in another currency) wealth management mandates involving individual securities and/or investment funds.
This differentiation should not be seen as strict or related to the quality of service; the simple fact is that the options available to allocate the client’s portfolio across individual investments in a financially meaningful way is directly related to its size.

We place special importance on providing information to our clients. Each client is allocated a dedicated contact, who is responsible for ensuring the optimal investment approach.

Our excellent staff retention and the strong commitment of our team guarantee the continuity and reliability of our services. Good performance and the highest quality of service have enabled us to earn the trust of our investors, both private and institutional.



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(German language)


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