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Fund Matrix

The risk return matrix sets the annual performance of each investment fund in relation to its underlying risk (expressed as volatility p.a.). Generally a higher expected return implies acceptance of a higher degree of risk. The following graphic shows the average annual performance as well as the underlying risk of the DJE Funds over the last 5 years in relation to their respective benchmark.
DJE's defensive products (money market and real estate) on average have achieved a slightly lower return at a lower risk than the benchmark (JP Morgan Global Government Bonds Index in EUR) over the past 5 years. The DJE Kapital AG managed equity funds have in general shown a significantly higher return for similar risk compared to the relevant benchmark (MSCI World EUR).
Source: DJE Finanz AG, Bloomberg as at 31/05/2024
For the illustrated I tranches certain minimum investment amounts apply. In this context, we refer to the sales documents, which can be found under "Downloads" of the respective fund.
Commissions, fees and charges can result in a reduction of individual performance. The presentation of past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.
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