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Categories of funds

Investors today can choose from a wide range of different investment funds. At DJE Kapital AG, we differentiate between four categories, each of which has a different investment focus or invests in different asset classes.

Managing different types of funds makes it possible to develop an investment strategy that is geared towards the individual needs of each investor. Here you can find out more about the most important categories of funds:


Equity funds

Equity funds mainly invest in shares. This means that holders of shares in such funds are able to participate indirectly in the assets and the income of listed companies. When selecting titles, fund managers focus on specific countries, regions, industry sectors or themes, depending on the terms of the contract. The objective of an equity fund is to achieve long-term growth in value.
The equity funds of DJE Kapital AG strive towards continuous growth in value and offer investors a broadly diversified portfolio of listed companies.


Fixed-income funds

Fixed-income funds invest exclusively or predominantly in fixed-income securities such as bonds (domestic and foreign issuers, denominated in euros or a foreign currency), debentures, and industrial and local authority bonds. The fund manager ensures a balanced structure, for example in terms of the (remaining) term of the securities, the creditworthiness of issuers and the currency with respect to globally invested funds.
The fixed-income funds of DJE Kapital AG give investors access to a broad range of fixed-income securities in various regions and with different maturity terms and credit ratings.


Mixed funds

The mixed fund of DJE Kapital AG strive for a stable growth and capital preservation. All balanced funds offer diversification and professional management with a very high level of flexibility in terms of asset class selection.


Open-ended real estate funds

Open-ended real estate funds mainly invest their capital in land and commercial properties. In contrast to closed property funds, the number of shares issued is unlimited. The aim is to achieve high rental yields and a significant increase in value.
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