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Proven Strategy

Your wishes and requirements always take centre stage

In Individual Wealth Management, we conduct detailed discussions in order to identify a client's precise requirements and goals, risk appetite and liquidity needs. On this basis, we then design an investment strategy and what is known as an "asset allocation". We consult with the client to define a strategic portfolio structure and decide on the asset classes to which the portfolio should be allocated within the framework of the investment strategy. Investment decisions depend not only on clients' personal goals, but also on their asset volume: the higher the value of the overall portfolio, the greater the scope, from a risk perspective, for meaningful individual investments.

Active and transparent Management

Our wealth management activities are implemented within mutual funds that have been specifically set up to optimise the portfolio management process. Using these funds, we can actively vary the level of investment and flexibly control liquidity, thereby benefiting from low transaction costs and hedging against market risks. This deliberately focused fund selection allows us, within the framework of an independent investment process, to maximise the ratio of return to risk. For our individual wealth management clients we use funds without initial charges and with reduced administration fees.



Uwe Adamla

(Executive Board Member):

„It is difficult markets in particular that separate good asset managers from bad ones. In such environments, sustainable experience and first-class expertise are needed more than ever. As a company managed by its owners, DJE Kapital AG has stood for independence and continuity in customer relationship management for more than three decades and across generations – and for proven outstanding performance!“

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