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Our investment strategy


Follow the trend and do the opposite of what others are doing

At first sight, this principle appears to be a contradiction. It means following the trend as long as the markets show positive growth: the art is to recognise in good time when to swim against the tide and sell. On the other hand, the best buying opportunities can often be found during the deepest recession. It is important to demonstrate discipline and to act strictly in line with analytical results – even if gut instinct says otherwise.

A proven investment strategy

Time after time, DJE Kapital AG has achieved returns significantly above the benchmark indices and the investment results of competitors. Numerous awards confirm this performance. But what is behind this success? A great deal of experience, a systematic approach and our FMM method, which has proven its worth over the last 40 years and thus still forms the basis of our decision-making process – a process we continuously work to refine.


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