Individual Wealth Management

We develop appropriate investment strategies in line with the individual requirements and preferences of our clients with a minimum investment of CHF 250,000 (or equivalent in another currency). On this basis, we consult with each client to establish a strategic portfolio structure and to decide how to divide the portfolio between different asset classes as part of the strategy. The chosen asset allocation will depend on the personal goals of clients, the level of risk they are prepared to accept and their liquidity requirements.

Over the years, we have also set up special mutual funds for individual wealth management that encompass our activities in this area so that we can act within this framework. As a result, we can actively vary the level of investment and flexibly control liquidity, thereby benefiting from low transaction costs and hedging against market risks. This deliberately focused fund selection allows us to maximise the ratio of return to risk as part of an independent investment process. For our wealth management clients we use funds without initial charges and with reduced administration fees.

Our analytical methods and investment policy have received considerable recognition from rating agencies and the press. Furthermore, the continued trust of our long-standing clients and the steady growth of our client base are impressive indicators of our success.

Thanks to our long-standing and dedicated competence in research and analysis, we have been able to anticipate significant market trends at an early stage and to act accordingly during market corrections.

For DJE Kapital AG, a comprehensive analysis of markets and companies is the starting point for all investment decisions. Our in-house team of experts, which can call on over 35 years of experience, thoroughly prepares every decision. The clear, methodical approach of Dr Jens Ehrhardt has been the bedrock of our company since 1974. From that moment on, our company has developed to become a leader in asset management.

Because comprehensive and accurate information is crucial for successful investments, we do not rely on third parties to provide this information, but rather on our own in-house research department. This has established itself as one of the largest bank-independent teams within the German-speaking region of Europe.